Madness is our way of Life

Music blaring; people glaring
The crowd is cheering; a thief is roasting
Mama’s buying; grand-pa is selling
Madness is a way of life

A careful accident; someone’s car is dent
Highway robbers take their rent; the traffic jam is bent
Hold-up sellers taking their cents; four hours, here shall be our tent
Madness is their way of life

Who took their bucket; this place is going to be in racket
The kids here make a market; their noise comes in packets
Tragedy looms – she holds a hatchet; famed house – a tenant to the casket
Madness is her way of life

“Oga find something for the boys”–men in black were never given toys
1000 of benevolently decoy; you have just preserved your joy
Stories of past misers who rest in the soil; the police must eat from their toil
Madness is your way of life

We paid our bill for light; yet electricity we never sight
Who will deliver us from this plight; for constant power supply we fight
We live in twenty-two hours of night; cut the wires – we want our right
Madness is our way of life

In a fill your pocket democracy; our government is never lazy
The senate in a money looting frenzy; who else is not crazy?
EFCC’s plans are blurred and hazy; o! What a democracy
Madness is our way of life

Madness, badness, hardness, sadness,
Madness is his way, her way, your way, their way, my way
Madness is our way of life



@Aje this is too amazing to be kept… I hope you know