Make your vote count let's bring it home...Evans and Cregitals deserves this


We will not stop to honour our achievers.

Our own Evans Akanno as CEO of Cregitals and his company, Cregitals has been nominated for different award categories by Nigeria Technology Awards (NiTA).

To Vote for Cregitals Please click the link below :point_down:t4:for the different categories:

To vote for the CEO (Evans Akanno), please click the link below👇for the different categories:

PLEASE Vote and share with loved ones.
Thank your for your support.

Let’s go get the Award.


Hello @zegisters, let’s support our own.

We win!




Cool. Done. :sunglasses:




Hello @zegisters
We can do more for our broda.
Those who have not voted can still do so.

We gain nothing if he looses, when we can make him win.
Plz use the link and vote!








Hello @zegisters

Voting is still open but ends tomorrow, you can also vote more than once…let’s bring this home…