Male Or Female Boss: Which Would You Prefer?


We’ve all had bosses at one point in our lives and while some have been terrible, others have been more like family. They don’t just use you to grow their business or achieve their dreams, they push you towards success too.

Without typing much words,

  • Which gender have you really enjoyed working more with? Male bosses or female bosses?

  • Why did you choose one over the other?


This is a tough one. I av had good female bosses n the ones who pretend to be good too. Even an extraordinarily nice male boss as well.but if I had to chose , I ll prefer a male. Because its easier communicating with a Male without hitches.
And male staff cannot be too close to a female boss without other staffs talking, esp if she is Young.


This one is hard o, I’ve dined up and front with both of them, been chastised severely, challenged frequently, stretched to newer capacities… I’ll prefer a female boss, they have a female perspective of connecting invisible dots to tasks, can blackmail you into doing better and they have no fear of you being better than them.


Hmm… really?


I have worked with both… The female bosses i had were motherly and caring but would always push you and ensure you get the right thing done when they want it and sometimes the way they would want it.

For the male bosses, they were more friendly and understanding…and always ready to push you to your limits. Both of them have been good tho but i’ll still choose a male boss over a female boss if i had the chance.


Had jxt an experience with a female boss and male boss respectively, see enh, male Boss all the way abeg




In my experience, awfulness is not gender specific. There are great bosses of both sexes and otherwise.
In terms of growth, you’d be shocked that many female bosses are not actively pushing their female employees to be better as we’re made to believe.