Marital Ish


What reaction is expected of a husband whose wife told him she’s in “love” with another man?


That would depend on their relationship but heartbreak, anger and betrayal comes to mind.

Men of this generation go through so much. @Dapomola how would you react ?


This one hard o. If she tells me as a confession and asks me to help her re-discover our love, i’ll put my anger aside and do what is necessary to save our marriage. If she tells me flippantly and acts unbothered or if she acts like she’s over the marriage i’ll let her go. No point fighting for someone wants to be lost.


I get your point; what about your kids, will you rather have them grow with a single parent?


Having two parents living under one roof doesn’t guarantee that the kids will turn out alright, same as how having them apart doesn’t spell doom.


@Dapomola … you just hit it man…