Melodrama/Storytelling 😂

@evansakanno inspired this thread. I didn’t know he had such skills… :joy::joy::joy:

First he started with the @Solibe sisters coinage that involves his daughters @Kachie and @Kiitan. Now he has a long lost son @Ibejih and it appears the story just got more interesting.

@Mira who will be the mother? Let’s help to complete the script @zegisters :joy::joy:

I am the narrator, you people should pick your parts. Will @Monique still remain the brother to @evansakanno or…?? How has @evansakanno been coping all these while without a wife? Is it the same mother that birthed all 3 children?
@Kachie now that you’ve finished with Youth service who will be your husband or are there interested suitors? @Aje how far now? Is Kachie just your friend? :smirk::smirk:

Join me as we find out. Stay tuned :joy::joy:


Always and forever


I like this! Two options for who our mothers may be:

  1. @pretyprexy
  2. @Judy
    @Judy, se na you?

Previously on ‘Paapa’

Oh my days…

@Ibejih my son, come closer…
(speaks inaudibly)
(Oh my… I see me in him)

Of a truth he is your brother!
@Kiitan come meet your brother. His name is @Ibejih

My dear @Ibejih, @Kiitan is your half-sister.

It was the crazy 80’s everyone was partying and getting high on Jackson’s Billy Jean.

I met this beautiful lady Bolanle at the Disco club in Ikeja. We hit things off quickly and I thought she was the one.

9months after one crazy night she left me with @Kiitan. Your mom really helped in raising her before you know…

cc @zegisters


@Kiitan my dear your mother’s name is Bolanle. I haven’t seen her in years.

Back in the 80s you go to people’s houses to look for them. I still visited her parents house in Agege last month just incase I can get any info. They had moved back to Ibadan years ago.

I hear Bolanle got married to a wealthy man and now runs a boutique in Lekki.


Its left for @Kachie to decide as she said tribe might pose a barrier especially as I am a northerner. If only the Fulani’s had not brought this single story upon us, maybe I might have an opportunity to express the colours in my palette on the canvas of @Kachie


Chai!!! Nke a bu love!!

@Kachie, agree for our Northern brother na… He has been screaming your name for a very long time and we dey see am :wink:

@Ibejih you have a brother in-law to be. Isn’t God wonderful? Our sister has a sweet family here.

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@Aje Young man, take a seat.

Listen, if you love a woman, quit talking about your misfortunes and speak boldly about how you feel.
Intertribal marriages have always been since the time before time. I have a few friends who I play golf with who married women of other tribes.

If you love my daughter @Kachie be serious about it.
I have seen you from my room refusing to press the doorbell everytime to come to my house.

She is having her bath and will soon come downstairs.
She will be upset if she sees me talking to you.
Make sure you bring her home before 7pm.

This discussion did not happen.


Yes sir. I will bring her back before 7pm and a new wave of confidence just hit me. This conversation did not happen sir. Thank you. I’ll wait here


Take off your shoes.
That’s an Italian rug.


Bia @Mira your dad and I have also been waiting for you too. You and your cousin @Kachie should find time and sit with @Kiitan for sound advice on getting a good man.


Yes sir, we will.

Big sister @Kiitan, I and my twin cousin @Kachie, are ready to take the how to get a good man lessons from you.

Thank you.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I just died from this thread?

@evansakanno are you supposed to be giving expo to @Aje. Is this how desperate you are to give your daughter off?

@Kiitan ahan first daughter why are you laidis?
Ayam just a narrator in this story…

@Monique coman be the Mama na :expressionless::smirk:


I pledged to support my children when it comes to issues of the heart.
Children of nowadays only learn from experience. @Aje seems to be a good man, just rough on the edges. Reminds me of myself back in the day.

Ehen @Mira tell your mom to call me.
I need to be sure all the plans are in place for @Kiitan’s wedding. I have friends coming and I want us to have a good time.


@Kiitan who’s your husband? Introduce him to @everybody, so we can meet him.


Hehehehehehehe. My dear, na only @evansakanno know. He’s free to tell you. :joy:


Come on my dear daughter @Kiitan , i know you feel shy, tell us yourself.

It will be nice if its a familiar name from this our Zegist village.


Tell me, what time did @kachie come home last night?


I for say @Onaopemipo but I don’t want @Mira to vex for me…:expressionless::expressionless:

Abi @NaijaLander is the husband ni? :thinking:
There seems to be a connection there…


Ah! @Kachie so you went out on that date with @Aje.

Come give me hot gist, how did it go? Was he a gentleman?


While I was asleep, a lot went down here :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: