Melodrama/Storytelling 😂


Young lady that is not the answer to my question. When did you come home last night?
I am sure you would not like me to call your @Aje.


Daddy I’m confused here… I was home all through the night.
Were you planning another date for me with @Aje But I already told you, my heart belongs to someone else.


@Kachie Father is asking u a question?


You don’t say my darling.

@Aje was here around 3pm yesterday afternoon saying you both had a movie date. I left the house shortly after and assumed you went with him.

I came home at past 10pm. @Ibejih opened the door, I saw you were asleep and didn’t bother.

I didnt know you didnt go out with him anymore.

Did he offend you?


I’m out of lines already… I’m a horrible actress :joy::joy::joy: @judy please help a sister.




Ha! @Judy, do you still like me like this? @NaijaLander ke? That man will use English to blow my head ke. He no dey gree. Na so so life philosophy we go dey talk. Besides sef, if me with am be together ehn, my personality go change


How ?


She wasn’t with @Aje papa, she followed another man… @Kachie, bribe me so I won’t expose your secret completely


You and I…we’re a lil alike. You don’t back out of things easily, neither do I. If we get together, we go break each other’s head. To prevent that, I would have to become extremely meek and I am not that meek :grin:


People can disagree without conflict you know…


Yes! Yes, I’ll bribe you. Please don’t tell Paapa anything.


Ehnnn… Tell me what!!!

So this is how you people have started keeping things from me. Ehn??

Oya! @kachie tell me who you went out with!

You have started to waka waka this lagos with people i dont know.

Look at @Aje you know I accord that young man some respect for coming to the house and making his face known.


@Kachie my cousin, is not a bad girl and @aje was scared to shoot his shot well because he is a northerner and he thought my cousin will say No. That’s why she followed another man.

My father has seen the other man. Don’t worry, he is coming over to your house today, I’m sure he would also talk about the fine man he saw your daughter @Kachie with.

Iwe adila gi sir


I’m so sorry dad. I didn’t mean for you to find out like this.

You know I don’t keep things away from you. It’s just that a lot has been happening lately.

My @Solibe sister is actually my half-sister, my lost brother appeared from the blues, my mystery mom is still missing.

This is all too much for me to take at once. I’m so sorry I let down the trust you had for me.


Oh my sweet sister @mira Thank you so much for pleading with paapa.

I shall come over to your house this evening. You know we are yet to finish up that shopping list for @Kiitan wedding. :joy::joy:


Yes yes! I can’t wait to dance at our big sister @Kiitan’s wedding.

I’ve been learning the shaku shaku dance because of the wedding o… Big turn up!! We will invite everyone in our Zegist village. God has done it for our household oooooo.

Ehen! My fine sister @Kachie, don’t forget your Papa, @evansakanno, said we should take lessons on how to find a good man from big sis @Kiitan. I will come to your house tomorrow afternoon to eat that your sister’s sweet rice and chicken stew. We can have the lessons after lunch tomorrow!

What do you think? :wink:


Uhnnn this is deep oh aunty @Kiitan. @Kachie are you learning from your big sister?

@Solibe father @evansakanno, Do you have any advise to give concerning this matter?


It was just an assumption. My big cousin @Kiitan is already engaged and she’s so in love with her Fiance.

We’re currently preparing for her wedding. I think your name is on the bridal train list… She will call you soon to get your measurement! Just go and get your shoe and accessories ready for the big day.

@Kachie, your marriage is next o. Better tell your Papa about that fine boy my Dad saw you with the other day.


Hmmm… But is it actually possible to truly change your personality because you want to make a relationship with someone work out?

(Sights @evansakanno from afar)
Oh… I see daddy coming. I better go get his rocking chair.

(@kachie can be heard from a distance calling out to other members of the Zegist family)