Melodrama/Storytelling 😂


@Kachie if that boy doesn’t want your father to know him yet, then he is not yet serious about loving you o.

Doesn’t he know you have plenty suitors waiting, and your Papa already approved of your lover @Aje. He seems to love you a lot and genuinely. If that other man is not serious, biko give Aje a chance. We are one Nigeria and your Papa, @evansakanno will bless the union.

Think about this sisi mi @Kachie.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Granpa


More like compromise on both sides though.


Who is @Kiitan’s fiance?


I agree, but too much disagreements sometimes can lead to reduced affection


Ehen Ehn, So you’re the one that wanted to spoil the party abi? Do you want to invite the Village people?Make dem come twerk and snatch oko iyawo?:grin::grin::joy:


I have been with my mother at Ibadan all these years before she left for lekki with her new husband…I’ve got friends there and I would love to invite them for the wedding too that is if papa @evansakanno and big sis @Kiitan would approve it.



Yeah, you’re right.


Plot twist!
@evansakanno is actually the head of the five families but retired after he met Bolanle in the '80s. She convinced him of the good in this world with her kind nature. Unfortunately, she left and he was devastated, but he sees something in @Aje . Something that…


I’m just here sipping zobo with hot creamy popcorn. continue @Judy


Where is the Zobo? Let’s share.


Take! it’s almost finished sef, please manage it.


:smirk::smirk::smirk: you and your wife shu kontinu.


This thread is killing me :joy: :joy:


Sheyb you wee not learn from what just happened to @aje


What happened to Aje?


Is nur my mouth you wee hear da one :zipper_mouth_face: