Men are scum or not?


Let’s discuss this! Ladies, if this is you what will you do? Guys, what advice will you give if this is your sister?
@Mira Biko tag them for me


Hello @everybody, what’s your opinion on this?


My dear, I will stop if-ing :joy::joy:


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I don’t even need to read the screenshot before commenting…It totally depends on what type of man you come across.

If you ever think men are scums then you deserve some good Kpankere.



Uncle, calm down! Nobody is saying ‘men are scum’. I asked for us to discuss what happened between the lady and the man!!!


Yeh! My chest!



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I am emotional right now, when I am in the right frame of emotion, then I can comment!


According to the Iron Law of Headlines, any headline in the form of a question is to be answered with a NO.

Men are scum or not? NO


Nothing happened between them now. All I see is someone reaping the fruits of his labour. If it was my sister, I’ll ask her to carry on. I got her back since we all can be petty


By and by, traditional wedding na still wedding.

She saved herself and her family the shame of having a baby OUTSIDE WEDLOCK…She had 3 issues.


I’m very sure, I’ll help him to relocate and support however I can but that court marriage isn’t happening.
Truth is, if I’m the one, we won’t even get this far.


And she kept having sex with him even after the first pregnancy wahala? Issokay.


This was one of my reasons for not writing a comment initially.
Why stay married to a man that you obviously have a huge grudge against?
Some Nigerian women should stop this "I must be Mrs. Somebody…it’s tiring.

Yes, a good number of Nigerian men are indeed scum, but this case…I’ll just call him self-centered.
If it’s me, I wouldn’t marry the dude…or would have returned his nonsense bride price ages ago.


The dude ain’t going nowhere without a marriage certificate.


You ladies are salty.

This guys is by no means innocent but I do have a bone to pick with her.

Why was it so compulsory for him to marry her?

Why did she compromise and accept the traditional wedding?

Why did they have 2 more kids?

Why on earth does she keep him around if she’s independent and he’s a dick?

The woman is mad, the husband is also mad, her dad is mad, their family is mad.

All of them are mad!


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I totally agree :rofl::joy::joy::joy: