Men are scum or not?


See ehn; marriage is a huge achievement for some people. :weary:


Same here. I mean someone refused to marry you legally despite all the begging from you and your family members. Why have two more kids? Court marriage doesn’t cost much even if they don’t want to do white wedding. People have their reasons for doing things anyway. In this case, the lady only wanted to be seen as a married woman. She is not even using the husband’s name!


But the guy sef na gold digger sha :joy::joy: why does he suddenly want to marry her legally when it’s time for them to travel to Texas as a family? Why not marry her after the second child or even after d third one? He will probably just get to Texas and run away o :rofl: And I have a feeling dt he’s been legally married to another lady all these while!!!
Abeg, just like @NaijaLander said, all of them are mad.


Well, I wish him luck.


Very dumb lady. She’s so indecisive and shallow.


A good number??? Mogbe ooo!


Yes o. Some are very proud of their scumbag level.
Like this one


How do I unread this, biko?


jisios!! :joy::joy: it haff reach abroad now, oga now wants to do legal marriage. Well my opinion here would be NO!! That man seems cunny , I doubt that marriage will see the light if 1year once he gets abroad. But then again if she’s desperate of being a wife then carry him along and give him the benefit of doubt.


For once I agree with you.


This lady self has herself to blame. What kind of a desperate person goes ahead with a man who deliberately refused to marry you properly because you want to save shame. From another angle the stigma Africans place on single mothers would drive any person with a feeble heart into a toxic marriage just to save face. Both of them are scum abeg for even fornicating without protection in the first place. Nexxxxt!! @mira :joy:


They should lock up this one already


The guy messed up . He should just chop his L. In as much as i will advise forgiveness and all i wouldn’t want my sister to displease the family either.


First of all is this advice getting to the woman @Otumininu.
I don’t want my thought space to be wasted.
I have things to think about.

So there was no condom as at the sex time, no post pill, no combination pill. It was too sweet! Pregnancy came, and he was shook.

Do wedding, war! It goes to show that the guy didn’t, doesn’t and never liked her. Because you can love somebody and not like the person(argue with the people who said it).
He refused to do the needful and her shameless family were begging, begging man to come and marry your daughter! I shake my head.

Side note: ladies stop being and acting desperate, see in this lifetime, not every lady will get married(i know we will start casting and binding now! But it is what it is) you see a guy and the next thing you start acting like a possessed human being, calm down, your turn will reach!

So the guy finally agreed to pay bride price and the shameless family collected.
The sex still continued, because the guy is good! And more babies. And to think that the girls father is not suffering, he forced his child on an unfortunate fellow. Because his daughter must be a MRS.

It is now abroad time and the unfortunate fellow for a husband, wants to go. And he even wants to do court wedding! After how long. And his gold digging family now want their child to go, forgetting that karma can be a bitch.

if she were my sister, I would call a family meeting just to ascertain if she is alright for her to even think this.


Point of correction, a traditional marriage is not an illegal union.

Same mistake, a traditional marriage is neither half marriage nor improper marriage. The whites, the Indians marry in one manner, why must we Africans subscribe to multiple marriages(church or white wedding, traditional wedding, court wedding) are we damn crazy in this continent? :smirk::unamused:


If you do not practice Christianity, then fine. Church wedding is not a must. Otherwise, as a Christian, you’re living in sin.

As lawless as Nigeria can be, the court wedding certificate holds up.
Traditionally, women aren’t favored. Especially within the igbo culture. So the wise ones do the court wedding
The point is, marriage is an agreement.
She wasn’t in agreement, but succumbed.


Nobody is dragging crazy with you brother and no one said here that trad marriage is illegal but from the context of this post you can read that even the trad marriage was done out of several pestering from the lady. And just before you start blowing up, traditional marriage isn’t recognized in any civil institution, trad marriage just like its called ends in your village . Both the Man and the woman are to blame cos they are both desperate people who wants something, lady was desperate for marriage, guy is desperate to go abroad. I rest my case


I vehemently disagree because you cannot back up that statement with one scripture, let’s not make comments from assumptions or sentiments, a Christian that does only traditional or court wedding is not living in sin, because the marriage in Cana (John chp 2) where Jesus and Mary his mother were in attendance wasn’t a church or synagogue wedding.

You said so, when stating that “the man is now ready to marry legally”

We all keep learning, today it’s your turn to learn from me, The white wedding is a traditional wedding from the western world, our African wedding is our traditional wedding, the Indian rights performed at their marital ceremonies is their traditional marriage. Knowledge is essential in life, think out of the box, it is not mandatory to prove your marital status with a so called certificate, a woman once traveled to live with the husband in the USA after getting an invitation, she had no “western” certificate and was asked for a proof she’s married to the man that invited her and she brought enough picture evidence of their marriage including wine presentation of bride to groom, the whites accepted it because they know it’s African tradition when it comes to marriage.
N.B I’m neither supporting nor negating the madness, denial or stupidity in the story as portrayed by that couple, I was only drawn to the insidious remarks made about traditional marriage.


Hi @Enigma, you want some wine?


@enigma Thank you for your well informed contributions.