Millennials of Lagos

Who are we?
We are the eyes that pop open in the early hours of the day when the alarm rings.
We are the lips that kiss family and friends goodbye as we hurry out of the house for the day’s hustle.
We are the sweaty face in traffic,the hands fiddling through the smartphone
the banter on twitter
the show-off on instagram
the savage on Facebook
the broadcast on whatsapp
…and the voice at the other end of the line trying to make that last minute sale
We are the change the politicians talk about
We are the life of the Lagos party
We are the hustle and bustle at the central business district
we are the success,the failure and the “i don blow” of the Lagos dream
we are yesterday’s seed,thriving in the midst of no water and no light.
We are the “kokolets”,the “demons” and the “men are scum”
We are Millennials of Lagos!


Oshey!!! We’re the leaders of the tomorrow that never comes… :weary:




Bitter truth :pensive::pensive: