Monitoring your child's bank account

So yesterday, i was in meeting with some elderly men, one of them got a notification alert from the bank and he goes ‘Kini omo yi man fi owo ra ni gbogbo igba no’(What does this child buy with money all the time), he picks up his phone and puts a call through to his daughter questioning why she had to withdraw money and what she needed it for. Turns out he gets an alert on every transaction she does on her account.

Would you as a parent want to monitor your child’s bank account?

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Dicey! Depends on the age of the child. I want to know what the money is spent for since i’m providing but not by tying my number to their accounts… That’s petty!!


No, I won’t, but I will teach my kids not to squander money, rather use it for important things.

I think some parents don’t trust their kid’s ability to handle money, so they feel it is safer
with them monitoring it.

Probably she opened the account with her Dad’s phone number.

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Naahhh Mi o raye… I won’t turn to monitoring spirit.

The child will tell me what he/she will be needing money for… we will allocate the money accordingly and I send it to the child’s account… If it finishes … we go dey look ourselves…


Exactly, you squander it alone, you drink the garri alone…Shikena.


Asin eh… Gone are the days when parents are being sapped. :joy::joy:

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No Nonsense :joy::joy:


True that, i think it boils down to insecurity

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My sister :joy::joy::joy::joy: I did not give my parents high BP so I don’t expect any child to give me hypertension


Nigeria is already too hard to add an extra stress…

My beloved child,

Manage your allowance as you wish.
If you like blow it in 1 day.
if you like borrow yourself sense.

Your lovely Mum​:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes::kissing_smiling_eyes:


Y’all are just quite mean :joy::smile:

I think it depends.

There are parents who just estimate how much pocket money will be enough for a child throughout a semester and pay it into their account. So I guess it’s okay to monitor the child’s expenses to make sure that they are not spending recklessly.

Cause finally, after all the scolding and all, someone like me will not have the mind to keep my child broke. I’ll still end up sending money
So I guess it’s better to guide them through the spending process and let them be accountable to someone.

My thoughts though.


Who get time? @Drew 's response nailed it. I think most of the parents who do such, monitor their children from a place of guilty conscience. They know what they did to their own parents and don’t want same befalling them. Shior!


How old is she?

I do not know but she’s a university student

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Naah that’s too much restriction. You can have a budget and also encourage them to save money no matter what.


No. I will not monitor their bank account. I will only monitor how I give them money.

When I was in the university, my dad had a diary where he writes the date he gives us money and how much. One time, I finished my pocket money and went to ask for more. My dad checked his diary and said it’s not long he gave me money how come it has finished. I cried seriously before my dad agreed to give me money again. He knew the amount he gave me and the date and had budgeted how long the money will last. He told me to go and write a list of all that I spent my money on and I should be writing my daily expenses.

That taught me a lesson.

  1. Writing your daily expenses helps you manage your finances effectively.

  2. I was free to spend my money as I like but knowing that my dad had a record of when he gave me money made me to manage my money so as not to go begging and crying before the next allowance came.

Instead of tracking my child’s bank account, I will give use my father’s method. When I give you an amount of money, don’t come and ask for more until a certain date. If you misuse the money, you are on your own.

Before getting your next allowance, you must have a list of daily expenses for the whole month. That’s not to punish you but to teach you some financial principles.




I would like to adopt the salary method for giving out allowance.

Once a month…a fixed amount.
If you squander it in one day, your business.

I believe it inculcates self discipline.


I don’t think I want to be getting debit alerts from my child’s account, it’s too much work. I’ll teach them to be numerate and financially smart early…I’ll teach them to track their cash flow and occasionally make presentations. If I have to monitor my 18 years old every expenditure, I have probably done a poor job in raising the child, at that age we must have earned each other’s trust on various topics, money inclusive. At that stage, I only want to hear stuff like I’m raising money for a project, a friend’s school fees, a trip to an incubation hub, a business, etc things that are not self serving.