Morning Devotion


So, this morning, I wanna say a big thank you Lord.

For making it possible for us to see today. It’s not by our own doing. So many persons are in the hospital with one infirmity or the other… Some persons just gave up the ghost… Most are struggling just to see the brightness of today, but in good health, you made it possible for us to be alive. It’s not because we’re too holy, rich, handsome/beautiful, Lord is your grace and we do not take that for granted.

Thank you gracious Father.

Is there anyone that is sick here, Lord, I begin to use them as a point of contact reaching every sick person out there… Lord, today, may your Angels begin to visit every ward in the hospital. For as many that need your touch, just as your son, Jesus Christ, was nailed to the cross, so also am I nailing these sickness to the cross. I minister healing into these bodies right now, may there be total restoration, in the most Holy name of Jesus, Amen. May there be a resurrection of good health and wholeness in their body right now.

Lord, even when our strength fail us, please Lord be our strength and guide through out the age.

Is there anyone here believing you for a miracle, for that divine touch, for that life changing call, for the strength to carry on… Whatsoever it may be Lord, you are the one who sees our heart beyond our daily smile(I really can’t begin to describe your love, Lord), but in all, I pray for your sustenance, guidance, provision. Meet each and every of us at the point of our needs, that at the end all glory, honor and adoration shall be ascribed unto your holy name.

Bless the works of our hands, Lord. For as many that are not neglecting the place of faith, hardwork and consistency, may you crown all our efforts with success. May your excellent spirit speak for us all daily.

And for the students among us, most of them are writing their exams, some are still preparing to write theirs, and some are already done with writing theirs. Lord, whichever category, victory and good success is sure. Whatever they write shall be right. Give them the grace to study their books and manifest excellence. Amen.

I decree and declare that everyday of our lives shall be days of victory, love, joy, peace, amazing grace.
Thank you for the answered prayers for I know you have done and you will continue to do even more than we have asked, in Jesus name, Amen.

Good morning everyone.


Amen! Good morning everyone.




Dear loving Father,

We are so thankful for everything. Thank you for who you are. Thank you for all we are. Thank you for the gift of righteousness. We never played a role in our salvation, yet you gave it to us. You had us in mind before you spoke the wonders of light into existence. You gave us life (cause we never had any without you) and called us your people. You placed us at your right hand. That gracious right hand of authority and power.

Thank you for being perfect in your ways. Thank you loving us when no one else could. Thank you for filling the void in our soul and making our joy full. Thank you for the faith we have and exercise in you. We thank you for our names that are written in the book of life.

Thank you for helping us trust you even when we do not see the full picture of where you’re leading us. Thank you for your blessings upon our lives. Thank you for your son Jesus. Thank you for his blood. The blood that speaks better things that of Abel. The blood that speaks forgiveness, unconditional love and hope. The only blood that is able to take away our sins and not just cover them. Thank you for adopting us as your children. Children who have now being transformed and made perfect in you through the sacrifice of your precious son. Thank you for the family we have in the trinity. Thank you for the fellowship we enjoy with you.

We have so much to be thankful for. We really do Abba. For we rest in the assurance that nothing can ever separate us from your love! Absolutely nothing.

You are our reality Jesus. No one can ever take your place! We say this not by our strength but because we know you’re mighty enough to help us keep to these words. Thank you for all our goodness that our memory has failed to remember!

For in Jesus name we’re thankful. Amen!


Amen! Oh, hallelujah! Thank you Jesus.