Most parents don't see anything wrong with this because the child is still too young to understand anything. what do you all think?


Really?! Thanks for the eye opener then…


Any need to excuse after bathing again???


for me…

I don’t subscribe to being naked in the front of kids…

There’s no law binding Husbands too… Right???

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Neither do I…


I don’t subscribe to it either


well being naked in front your kids influences them subconsciously, kids whose parents do that are more prone to sexual freedom. They are the type of kids who are more comfy wearing skimpy clothes.

It’s not that bad but I would naturally frown upon it. Kids need to learn that their body is a temple.


Going naked infront of me kindda do mi somhow … Me i dont even feel comfortable bathing wit sumone … But it will get to a level when d parent can be naked in front of a 'grown" up child … Maybe after the mother is now a grandma nd the child is now a mother … :wink: my view


I feel it’s okay for a dad to be naked before his son and a mum before her daughter.

Not like it is a daily routine but once in a while.

As a young girl, I got to understand Caesarean Section quite early when I saw the scar on my mum’s tummy and I asked. It is also a mum’s duty to explain stuff like pubic hair, breasts growing and all to her daughter at a good age. And please how will you explain without showing…hehe.

As a father, I feel you are the first person to teach your son about his sexual organs. As some female teachers take advantage of this and play with the “bell” inappropriately and in a sexual way molesting the young lad.

But this is not an everyday lifestyle, turning your house into a strip club walking about naked always.


Hmm! this is a great insight to this topic. welldone @Aniekan


Definitely not!! That’s house of madness now. Ur points are spot on.
I grew up seeing my mum naked on few occasions even though I had my own room and I still respect her a whole lot


Thank you @fola


Hmmmmmm… Nice view to this…

Moreover parents should be the first teachers of their children…

Bell :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I think so… You’re kinda right about this… I agree…


I feel this is when the parents wear skimpy things out.
And when they buy skimpy things for the children even as they grow up.
And when they are adults, do not caution them when they wear skimpy things.

But lowkey, this thing is also the child’s decision.
We can tie wrapper like grandmothers in my house but I decide to wear skimpy clothes everyday when stepping out.


I don’t agree with this at all… Go naked in front of my kids lol I don’t subscribe to it. Even bathing with a fellow woman is like 14 years already in my head.





Yes o


I don’t think that is what the scripture meant. Most peeps will tell you that scripture meant Ham slept with Noah’s wife and she gave birth to Canaan. Moses in the laws abolished incest using the same term. “you’d be uncovering your fathers nakedness”


I’ve seen my mum naked many times… Didn’t flinch. Strangely I’ve seen my dad naked only very few times…its really rare to see my dad naked. I remember one time, when my younger sister started having larger breasts, she was taking her bath. I walked into the room, she had already tied a towel and was waiting for me to leave the room. That moment, I realized she has grown up. I use to bath her when she was little.

So it’s a tricky situation. I’d rather go with not having them see you naked except when you are on the beach or at a swimming pool… Ofcourse not butt naked.