Most Ridiculous thing I saw/read today


I marvel at some pictures and memes I see, or stories I hear or read.
Just like this screenshot below.

Everyone let’s see yours…


Lord ke! Why not ‘God’ since everybody want to be mad :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I don’t even understand the priorities of the average Nigerian husband.


Yes oo

Another theory



I’ll ask him to define Feminism.




False theory


This is super ridiculous. Some people think this marriage thing is a bout showing of power. That’s sick jarey.


Otutu. You are mean oo :rofl:


Its not even that difficult. Life is not hard. Some just choose to make it difficult for themselves. Trust me all these Lord Lord blah blah doesn’t freak me personally. All I need from a Lady sincerely is the Respect and Love. I’m sure all others will fall in place.

You don’t even need to compel your wife to call you Lord or other names. It comes naturally sef but provided you deserve it. Hehehehe

We’ve gone past those days when our Parents will do all the kneeling down to give their hubby food and all.

My Opinion tho.


You have your priorities straight! :smiley:


Even u? :weary: @Monique see what u caused o :sob:


Otutu why are you crying na?


:woman_facepalming:t4: Leave me


Hey @NaijaLander I love your avatar!


thank you @Kachie :smiley: :smiley:


It’s not fine


I’ll take @Kachie’s word any day.



That’s how they’ll be whinning your chicken brain :roll_eyes:


:neutral_face: :sob: