Most Ridiculous thing I saw/read today


Kano State Governor empowering the masses. #2019



Not so ridiculous if you ask me.

What would you do in his place ? @Valkyr



You might get a higher payoff if you told her you rever Davido as a role model and give her lectures on the etymology of the word “assurance”


In the least, I wouldn’t assume that every tea vendor wishes to keep selling tea

Oh no @NaijaLander this is very ridiculous for me


what will you then assume ?


That they want to progress and I wouldn’t assume anything else about their aspirations.

You see that is the mistake empowerers make. Every young lady wants a sewing machine Ora every guy a wheel barrow or a Mai Shayi Starter Pack


but what else is there for them ?

I say if it helps them raise their income, why not…


Although I think they ought to be more radical than this.


but this is not the best of all possible helps


welcome to Naija.




fucking white people :roll_eyes:



Ridiculous things fascinates whites.


Lol. Yeah rii.


@Otumininu darling, that name sounds cool you know, lol. Oya Mabinu Dear.


Okay, the poster got the country wrong. However it’s still an African country.


Dramatic much…
All because it’s religion themed?


I think she’s the angel that directed him to whatever country that is.




Pushing a plan is not uncommon,not sure what the poster is trying to imply.