Movie lovers, what's the latest


So I said to myself I wasn’t going to watch any series movies again not because they are not interesting but because I can’t keepnup with the wait…from Prison Break - Merlin- Games of thrones and many more…
But the truth is that I can’t keep away after seeing this man “Tom Kirkman” in another yet awesome movie, Designated Survivor. After watching him in 24, I just can’t miss this…
Am a movie lover and am sure you will have some awesome movie you will want me to see…must not be series…let’s talk


Avengers: infinity war
Deadpool 2
Sicario 2
Ant man and the wasp.

Series i can’t wait for
The last ship season 5
The 100 season 5


I’m yet to watch it but heard it’s hot.

I saw sicario last month, didn’t even know there’s a second part :grin:

Oops 5⃣? :grimacing: I’ve had season 1⃣ in my HDD since 2015, don’t know why I’m yet to watch it.


I meant deadpool 2 anyway

Haha. Nice yh?

You should see it, you might like it


Deadpool…am yet to see that movie but avengers…have seen it…


This is a nice one…

At least you will enjoy Season 1… I easily get tired of these series so Season 2 seems slow for me…

What kinda series do you enjoy…

For medical series…you will find The Good Doctor interesting

For conspiracy here and there…Dynasty is alright


Very slow, they are trying to hard to drag the hacker’s story

Stopped watching this, getting boring


I just finished Season 1… Let me see if I can keep up when S2 comes…

That’s the thing with all these Series ,they always want to drag unnecessary storyline… That’s what killed Quantico and Blindspot as interesting as they were…


I didn’t even finish season 1 of Quantico. I still keep up with blindspot but tbh it’s just boring these days


My Sunday Night is lit :boom::boom::boom:

Just downloaded these.


Omo @lifeofesse u dey vex ooooo…


Thats my problem with series, the delay is just too much…


12 strong, furlough, the commuter, renegades: Nice movies
Acts of violence and annihilation: Bleeeh
The rest i’ve not seen them. You should download Den of thieves if you’ve not seen it


The good doctor is a good show so far for me. I love young Sheldon too. Tomb raider was okay, Hoping to see Pacific Rim. Pls who has seen the latest star wars,???


That’s a serie I don’t miss. And I’m so waiting for truth or dare, the 100 and @W.O is a movie curator. His movie list always makes me smile. I have not seen 2,6,11,15 and 16 of @lifeofesse lists. Dope movies you have there. The storyline of annihilation no be here o


Haha. Thank you bros :grin:


Omo with the movies you guys are dropping here, I Neva watch movie


Guess who just landed… #DenofThieves tonight gonna be action thrills
@Yeye come and do netflix and chill.
@Mira and @Aje you can watch from the window. :roll_eyes::joy:


lol… Window indeed


Haha. Enjoy