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Wait, am i the only one that found GOT Boring…



I’m a sucker for action films but I don’t know what happened to my mojo with Den of Thieves. I tried watching it yesterday but it was not gelling. I’ll try again some other time.


My dear you ain’t the only one.


only u and @Monique …u need to start afresh from Season 1


Boring something…


No way… I tries season 1, couldnt finish it… So dry!




I have season 1-7 on my laptop. Been watching since August last year and I’m still in season 5. That’s just to tell you how boring it is and a lot of people make noise about it.

I watched Power and it was worth the noise


I watch Power too. Very Very Nice.


That is how Marvel want to start World War III. Make :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:e I hear say na Black Panther die… I go just burn down the filmhouse cinemas.

:boom::boom::boom: @W.O @Yeye come and do aproko


I tried girl, I couldn’t keep up.
The names and events in season 1 is freaking much for me.

I will be like, let me try and follow jejely, maybe I would understand. Na lie!
But I follow people to make noise especially when they said “winter is here”

And I watch their interviews(jon snow),(dragon lady), Arya and seci or whatever on jimmy fallon.


Really? Are you kidding me! If GOT is boring then the word boring should mean exciting.


Thank you FAM. Help me help them know


Game of Thrones is so captivating that at some point you can’t help but be transfixed. Action from khalisee the unburnt and mother of Dragons could not be overemphasized, or the tactful nature of battles fought or just the epic screenplay, or the drama of the Night king with his intriguing army of the dead. I don’t have to say more, it’s a superb series.


Boring??? :open_mouth:




Girl!!! I also followed to say ‘Winter is here o’ The reason i watched the few episodes i watched was because i had a lot of people around me discussing about it and it felt weird not contributing… But i just couldn’t continue watching.


Oh phuleeesseee…:woman_facepalming:


I watch some movies sometimes because of that…I can not be left out


hold it there!!