Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?


This is a thread for reviewing movies you’ve seen - good, bad or meh… it can be as detailed as you like or just a one-liner.
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What if there is nothing like "Chibok girls"?


I was a big fan of the novels back in the day. I remember Jekyll and Heidi.
Story was about the author of the series R.L Stine, his teen daughter and her friends that unleashed all the monsters from all the books written.

Its horror and comedy sha.

Rating - 7/10


Hmm recent releases only?? What about some of us who hardly have the time to go to d cinema? So ur saying we can’t talk about old movies that are really nice? That’s not fair na.


…but I would really love to see goosebumps tho. Reading the novel is always a delight but at the same time… really creepy. I hope the movie would be as good as d goosbump novels are because most times, movies are not always as good as d books.


Oya oo… any movies.


Though no album act to show… and a good or bad movie is dependent on the feeling you derive when you are seeing the movie and as well as your reason for seeing the movie. I LIKE TO PLAY GAMES is the movie… 8/10


I enjoyed watching every bit of this movie. Though the plot evolved a bit too fast and sometimes it was hard to keep up with who’s on the good or bad side… The raw action, special effects, sound quality, and occasional humor in the movie earns it 8.5/10


@Roger Avengers is totally awesome jarey.
Best Charater?


That guy’s pride is so legit!


One of the most creative movies of all time. Avatar stands as the most expensive movie of all time and as well, the best selling movie of all time, beating Titanic to the title. Interestingly, James Cameron who produced and wrote Titanic also wrote Avatar in 1994 but the necessary technology was not yet in place to make the film hence, it came to fruition in 2009.

Avatar is an all time epic! You need to watch the making, Cameron and his crew went extraordinary. The list of the cast and crew took over 45 minutes of the movie.


The Hulk… The scenes of him humiliating his opponents are just too funny :grinning:


Still on this recent movie matter… “Why ayam be forgetting this one”… 9/10 for me


Ladies please go and see this movie biko…hawt!


Thats how the ladies in my office @Nneka_Ngene and @ayoola just dey gush over Mr Chesnut.


So i was about to create a topic on this till i came across this section, I’m a sucker for movies, and i like to rate after seeing a movie. so i guess I’m gonna visit here often now


I wasn’t really pumped up to see this movie because DC comics don’t do so well on the big screens but this would probably pass as the best DC comic movie in a while. I love the whole fight scenes and the plot of the movie although i feel the CGI guys went overboard in some aspects. Generally its worth the while i’m impressed. I easily would have said its a 6/10 for me, but then it’s got a first female producer on a franchise of this nature, so i guess that’s a bonus point… In all I’d say its a 7/10


The fact that this movie is a mixture of comedy and action makes this movie ever enjoyable for me, I don ever get tired of seeing it, it’s one of those movies I go to when am down or bored.

Lemme make you laugh with this scene


This is one of the best movies have seen so far this year, looks like a low budget one but then it makes a whole lot of sense. It’s about a 7 years old kid with extreme mathematical capabilities who lives with her uncle, in the course of the movie, her grandma wanted to take custody of her because of her capabilities and all. it borders around family, love and trust. 8/10 for me


Anyone who is interested in the reincarnation topic would love this one. A man got suspended from his job, met a lady who happens to share the same date with him, they fall in love. They both were lovers in their past life and they died at exactly 2:22pm on the same day in the past live. its a confusing one sha because every 2:22pm the guy sees vision of the past. 5/10 for me


This used to be my best movie at a time but mehn they are over doing a lot. I read a comment about the producer talking about going to mars in the next movie, i sincerely think they should stop with the fast and furious seires already… because 8 is ‘just there’. 7 was way better. 6/10 for me


This is a funny one for me. I can’t give a detailed review on this, but then i think Robert de Niro is looking more of a perverted character in his recently released movies. 6/10 for me