Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?


Later on they would say people like me dont support nollywood. Why should we support low quality.


I tire


… and it looks like a movie i would love to watch o…


I finally watched Girls Trip and it was maturely hilarious!! I’ll give it an 8/10


Please where can I download the movie girls trip?


Hello Love, been eons… Try you’ll find it there


Chatting with a friend now and she told me she went to see this blade runner movie, babe said she couldn’t stand the movie at all that she left while it was on, guess it’s one of the worst so far this year.


After all the hyping. Its painful when u take your 800-1500 only to go and see rubbish. Thank God for


I tell you… I’ve only been to the cinema once this year because too many shitty movie


Lmao! True story my friend…true story


It’s sad. While our musical videos now shoot in HD , Nollywood have refused to up their game.


As in ehn… The thing dey pain me. How will i see a movie completely and no film trick as in not one. No special effect. They will now d one rubbish and say is that bros Hakeemeffect



How are you? @aje thanks but how can I make my search more easier, try the alphabetical order but its not working.


Check, you will find it…


@pretyprexy how far now babes? What’s the title of that movie u wanted to give me that time? The one with a lot of sexual scenes that u said was doing u wankain? :joy::joy::joy: as u no gree gimme I wan try download am. Can I possibly get it on


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Its Addicted and yea, i’m sure you can get it on putlocker…


Danke :v:t5:


Thor Ragnarok

Awesome movie with a mix of comedy and good fight scenes. Thor vs Hulk was :100:


Wawu! Already?


As e dey hot :joy: