Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?


Baba… U get the movie?! Where I fit come meet you copy am?! Abi is a downloadable something or cinema


Same here o abeg share link


Movie dayout at the office. Saw it at the cinemas. I long for a copy too. Sadly I’ve not seen a clearer version.


Saw this yesterday :sweat_smile:


7/10 … The movie got a bit lost in “comedy” tho but it is still a good one.


Yeah true


Is Movie day out the title?


Same question I wanted to ask


Please has any one seen this movie?


which movie?


Wow… Will like to watch it o!


Saw it on iflix yesterday was contemplating whether to watch it or not. Watching Luther instead.


I saw it there too. Didn’t want to waste my mb watching nonsense. That was why I asked


THE GREATEST SHOWMAN : 5/10 for the effort.
I fell in love with a beautiful song in the movie. “THIS IS ME”

If you love musicals you might enjoy it tho . Not sure, Hugh Jackman is meant for a romantic role.


Really? Thought it would be a 10/10 o… Been seeing quite a few people praising the movie on my IG timeline.


Yeah If you are big on “Musicals” you might enjoy it or maybe the hype was more about “Hugh Jackman” and “Zac Efron”

But You should listen to “This is Me” and “Never Enough” … both soundtracks from the movie. Quite Interesting.


really? Well, I’m not so freaked about Musical movies tho… I never really liked “La La Land”… the songs was just too much…


And “la la land” won many awards , I don’t like the movie either.
I just feel I am too old to be watching “musicals” , I don’t know why.


Please how can I get this movie ’ Gossip Girl’ I so want to watch that movie


As in seriously… Was annoying to watch… I doubt if i finished it sef…