Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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Yes, I want to download season two of under the dome

Navigate to the episode you want to download when it redirects cancel the page it redirects to and try again when you get to the episode let’s say episode 1, click on that, it would direct you to a page with three video formats to choose from, hold down the link to the desired format you want till it pops up options to select from then go ahead to click ‘download link’, it would start downloading automatically.

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Ehen? Iyen emi na! Ha! Ok ko buru, mo ba e de mo cooler.

Ehmmm I will give my highly anticipated RED SPARROW… 6/10…


Same here, I am also awaiting Truth or Dare

Have you seen the Red Sparrow?

It came out March 2 but no I have not seen it

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LOL… Yeah saw it yday… when you do, come back let’s discuss.

Its in the cinemas here? :grin: Then I’m def seeing it

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This right here, is the best movie have seen this year so far!! Like damn!! I hope there’s a sequel mehn. Plot twist is mad! 8/10 for me


Been looking for the webDl or hdrip of this movie. You know where I can find it?


Thanks bro…

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I watched the Avengers recently and I want to say that this is the best that I see. The film is breathtaking and makes you worry about the heroes. The iron man is definitely the best. So my rating is 10/10.
But if you want to watch a movie, it’s better to look at a review of it on a site with movie reviews ,because here the forum is written by people who are not very well versed in films, but the site is written by professionals, and there are very interesting reviews and facts about any films.