Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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Whole movie talks about how a man made millions out of a ponzi scheme… its intriguing, thought provoking and in all a sad movie. 6.5/10


This movie ehn, i’m not a great fan i don’t know why :grinning:

When i heard this movie was in works, i thought was gonna be a major flop like fantastic 4 was few years ago but seeing it i was impressed really, its quite nice. Its a 2hours length movie i arguably think should have been cut to 1hour 30mins at most. The kids didn’t morph into the rangers till like 30mins to the end of the movie. In all its a fairly nice one. 5/10

I guess i might just download the movie… My sister has been raving about the movie, said it was dope. well most movies at the cinema are…

I’ll rate that an 8/10. The plot is dope seeing as it is a real story

I cried watching this!! I love it

Only a few really… there hasn’t been a great movie this year

Really now I have a movie for the weekend. Thanks guys

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Lol what were you crying for? Big man like you

True. Maybe we will get one or two before the end of this quarter

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Lol… I hope so…

Nigerian movies nkor?

Watch Nigerian!

Yes ma… when I’m opportuned to see any I’d definitely do a review :joy::joy:

Go away :joy::joy::joy: what of Indonesia movies?

Sub topic:

Zee world lovers, please what’s your fave programme and which do you think is The worst?

My best is Married Again
The worst is King of Hearts…long and useless


That kings of heart is like the worst for everyone sha.
The days of Paloma&Diego, Guardian’s Daughter, Second Chance were the lit for me.


Zee world​:disappointed_relieved::anguished:

:rofl:Awon ti Saloni

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My brother, I cry when i watch movies o, cartoons and the worst are the indian movies… Arrgh!! It’s so surreal that I forget they are acting

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Heard it hasn’t finished but Zee World stopped it kuz twas too long and people complained