Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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Wait! What? There’s a Goosebumps movie? :flushed:
What planet have you been living on Amaka :roll_eyes:?


@amakaanne this your dp is very fine. You’re beautiful

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Everywhere I see, "Winter is here"
All over my social media.

Please am I the only one that doesn’t watch Game of Thrones especially this season because I am not understanding again :thinking::rage:


@Aniekan make that two of us in this whole wild world.

I’m the type that will wait for a whole series to end before I start watching. Because the time spent waiting for the next time their winter should come should be not more than opening the next season’s folder and playing it on VLC.


I get weak in d knees too at the sight of dat his chest

who’s chest?


I can’t even keep up with these seasonal movies.
Tried it with Hit the Floor and it was discontinued.
Empire and then the break in between, I forgot all that had happened in the previous season.

I guess I’m not just a movie person


You’re not alone o, am waiting for the complete season, can’t be waiting for every week to watch every episode, I don’t like suspense abegi

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I just find it very stressful to concentrate fully on a movie for at least 2 hours.

Stressful? Doesn’t movie relieve stress? :disappointed_relieved:

Only in the cinema :joy::joy:

If you say so

I have seen this movie!! yeepie… Crazy movie

Winter is here !!

If you don’t do G.O.T, what do you do? :scream::scream:


This movie is all shades of funny. Plot’s about three pensioners wanting to rob a bank when they learnt their pension dues won’t be paid. 6/10 for me



I really do like this one, the way stories were told in it, the fight scenes. Its interesting. Anyone familiar with the King Arthur, Merlin story would definitely love this. 7/10



Plot’s about a young guy who works as a getaway driver for armed robbers, and he’s a pretty bad ass driver. Has the right proportion of fun, action, romance. It’s an interesting one in all. I’d go with 7.5/10



I didn’t like the idea of this movie at first because well it wasn’t go be in the same direction with the previous ‘The Mummy’ starring Jet Li and when i learnt Tom Cruise became ‘The Mummy’ at the end, i was just pissed but then Tom Cruise brings a different twist into it all. Plot’s about a 4000 year old evil princess who was mummified alive and the battle to stop her from unleashing evil to the world after she was let loose. 6.5/10