Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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I’ve not seen it. Can I get a link to pirate and download it… :joy: and please add baby driver… I have been waiting for that movie… Please…:sob::sob::sob:
and please retract your statement about The Mummy! It was an 8/10 for me

Lol. I got the movies from a friend.

Me too I want to get the movies from you na. Shebi you are a friend? lol

Lol… I’m in ibadan + baby driver is showing at the cinemas right now… :joy::joy:

lol. :sob: why are you in Ibadan naa? Cine-what? My brother, my schedule no give me time o… Seems I won’t even have a free saturday this month as Some meetings are just showing up in my calendar and pesin cannot cancel

Lol… everyone is busy sir… I’ve not been to the cinema this year too. Pele ehn​:grin::joy:

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Please zegisters especially guys always find time to relax and have fun (away from work), go for medical checkup regularly. I believe we only live once.


Cc: @Aje @W.O don’t tell me you’re not showing up for our hangout???

Can’t make it. Would be in a different state that day
Sef :pensive:

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Sorry Love, couldn’t reschedule the meeting for the day, fingers crossed

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It is well!!!


I saw this movie last night and it’s quite interesting! Samuel L. Jackson plays a Hitman who’s set to be transported from Manchester to the Netherlands to testify in a trial against a former soviet union president, while Ryan reynolds plays his bodyguard. There’s a lot of shooting and humour in this movie… Feels like one of the best i’ve seen this year. 8/10


This movie was it for me… Watched it over the weekend and i loved every bit of it… I’ll rate it 10/10.


Try seeing What happened to Monday? beautiful storyline. I’ll rate it 9/10images


Is Seven sisters a different movie from What happened to Monday?

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It’s the same movie, it’s known as Seven sisters in Europe, while in America it’s what happened to Monday


10/10 for me. Cliche, but awesome!

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Really? I should watch o

You should…It’s got a bit of everything - humour, great dialogue, etcetera.

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