Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?


The lie in this film is strong…


Talking about movies sef. I was walking down a street at Ogba and I thought
"All these stunts that Vin Diesel is forming sef, please he should come to Lagos and dey should use Baba Mufu and his conductor Shanawole to be the boss of the movie"

I’m sure 30mins into the movies, Vin Diesel go enter RIP



Lagos has got no chill for anybody…


I swear oo :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have been following Battleground and gosh :scream: that’s the best Nigerian soap opera I have ever followed. The script was written with creativity and pure intelligence. The characters make the art so engaging because it feels so real.

It is not like all those Zee world movies that make you want to break your TV screen because they play too much on your intelligence.

See ehn, if you follow Battleground and don’t like it let me wear shoe to work on Monday :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grin: .I bet you will love the art of acting and script writing when you watch it. I’d recommend that movie to entrepreneurs anytime because of the smartness of Kolade Badmus… Mehn, that character too smart.
I’d advise to watch it with a church mind… learn the good lessons and filter out the ones not so good

Btw, Monday is public holiday so no work :sunglasses:


With the likes of Ini,Mayowas sister you will know it will be awesome. I love every of her movie.


I don’t watch Nigerian movies - but will sure check this out. I hope it thrills.


You may not understand the story line unless you watch it from the beginning tho! I guess I am a good evangelist :grin:


Absolutely, starting from the very beginning.

“am a good evangelist” :grin:
You’re doing a good job :smiley:


I hope it can be found online…

I’ll search for it…

You’re indeed a good evangelist… :joy::joy:


Lol… I am not sure tho… They show it on DSTV channel 151 8pm weekdays




Saw this movie today… I like the plot. Quite nice


:fire::fire::fire:I saw the Hitman’s Bodyguard and Jeez!! It was lit… :fire::fire:


Still on the Movie matter, You should see UNLOCKED…

I’ll rate it 8/10 while I give a 7/10 to REMEMORY… It’s nice to see Peter Dinklage in something cool



Girls Trip

Comedy Sha-Sha

The movie celebrates girls power with sexual humor.

The movie was so absolutely funny from start to finish.

Rating - 10/10.


I did too… Yeahh


Ah HA!! Nice. I was contemplating seeing Girl Trip, guess the title shooed me away. Would try it and see now that Queen Latifah is in it… Those days of the Queen… :grin::joy:


Try to see the movie.


Orlando bloom? Wow been a long while