Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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He looked older though… From the days of Pirates of the Caribean. WHo has seen Dead men Tell no tales? I need to see it sef

Didn’t live up to expectations. :cry

Haha… I knew this was gonna happen thank God I wasn’t totally hyped about it.

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Abeg who has seen “The Dark Tower” Idris Alba?! I NEED THE MOVIE PLEASE NOT CINEMA DUBBING

Wait a bit longer to see the clear version… I’m also waiting for it :grin:

No HD version on torrent yet. You’d have to wait a little longer


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There’s a clear version of this on fzmovies now

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American Made - An amazing movie that has got Tom Cruise as lead actor.


Ratings - 8/10


Please guys where can I download movies? Asides from

@Judy. :point_up: Then torrent -, that is.


Thanks @abnetz :v:t5:

Anytime! You’re welcome.

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This site is the site for thieves. You can find almost anything here for free

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Got to see the new transformers but I wasn’t feeling the movie kinda. It was more of a comedy than action

Just those punchlines from Optimus prime keeps getting my blood rush

Also the new King Arthur: Legend of the sword
I love the movie sha. With Jude Law been spectacular


Do I have to download the torrent app also? @abnetz

Bit torrent, that’s the app. Afterwards, you’re good to go :slight_smile:

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Free stuff are good too. :wink:

Exactly! Told my brother same. I knew I wouldn’t win the argument.
For me, it was crap.


Oh cool. Will check 'em out.