Movie Reviews - Good, Bad or Meh?

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Saw this and pirates of the carribean over the weekend, didn’t really enjoy both

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Using fzmovies you don’t have to download torrent though. . Clear movies comes in these formats on the site web-dl, bluray and dvd… Hdrip are sometimes quite clear too but not so great. Enjoy😊


Thanks dear @W.O

Link to download this

What download, man?

American Made, won’t have time to see it in the cinemas at all

Saw it at the cinemas, actually. I’'ve not seen it on download sites.

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okies. It’s either i see it or wait till they drop it online.

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I can wait too :blush:

Saw Dark tower yesterday… it’s on fzmovies now

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Recently saw theses movies, lazy to go in depth on summary and pictures too:

Spiderman Homecoming: I’m not a fan of turning comics into movies, so i don’t really like the whole Spiderman franchise but it’s fair enough 6.5/10

The Dark Tower: Honestly this movie didn’t turn out to be what i envisaged, feels like they tried to make the story line short or so. 7/10

Overdrive: It’s really not a great movie but if you love fast antique cars you should see this. 6/10

Girls trip: This is the best movie i’ve seen this year, great sense of humour and lessons to learn 9/10

War for the planet of apes: This… no comment. 4/10

The House: Will ferrell is just something else but in all it’s a silly movie. 5/10

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seen Spiderman Homecoming and I agree with the rating… I expected more though. Dark Tower, would see it then as I have a copy
War of the planet of Apes…:rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s all I’ll say and as for Girls trip… Time to see it

2/10… The only good thing about that movie was SpiderMan’s new suit… #MyOpinion

11/10 … best comedy I have seen this year



I agree, the suit is too cool :star_struck:

Seeing the trailer and movie reviews it never did make up my list of movies to see this year, i’d gladly wait to download and watch it.




I think I need to see this Girl’s trip then

The reviews here are getting me jealous


I kinda enjoyed war of the planets of the apes. Though it was cheesy… Lol
Check out these ones

  1. Gerald’s game
  2. The Show

I dont know why but im not freaked about this movie…

You issa bae @drew


Seen it?