My crazy thoughts for my future spouse

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Sounds interesting

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Excellent one Fola


Many people have many a wild fantasies. Godspeed

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Lol… @ruthameh125 you no well o :joy::joy:

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Hmmmm… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: this thread be making me feel some typa way…
Let me just get my notepad and pen… I need to jot down some key points…


Lol! sounds like what Ramsey Noah and Genevieve got us wishing as kids :joy:
I will just write mine in my head!
nice post anyway.


So I just got referred to this thread and reading through them got me smiling… Well I have been writing letters to Dear #FutureHusband for about 3 years now… So I think it is beautiful to have healthy expectations of your spouse, and of yourself… My letters often vary from love, to prayer, passion and ermmm erotica :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:. Let me share two of my letters here…

  1. Dear FutureHusband,

I hope you are not immune to cold, because I look forward to licking my favourite chocolate ice cream off you.

I look forward to having you come home to a feast of me… Yeah, have your favorite edibles spread all over me and then have you eat them all off.

Why eat it out of a bowl when we can lick it off each other?

Yours Christian Wife (Who would love to spice up the bedroom in various ways).

Dear FutureHusband

Every morning I wake up to the thoughts of you. How I want to feast on your lips for breakfast everyday till we are old and aged.

Oh how I’d so love to prank you (Chuckles). You know, coat your soap with my white nail coat (And watch you freak out when your soap doesn’t foam), or glue the cap of your body spray and watch you struggle to uncap it. Swap your favorite boxers with a size too small and watch you wonder if you’ve suddenly gone fat or what (Chuckles).

I want to love you silly, play with you, be real with you and just be silly with you. I want to pray with and for you.

In your arms is where I want to be when my world comes crashing down on me. I want to be your run-to buddy regardless of the storm out there. I want us to be each other’s first call regardless of the news.

I want to dance with you for no reason. You can be my band and I will be your song. I just want to dance with you, wrapped safely in your arms.

My love, you and I are meant to be, just as the shore is to the sea. My heart melt for you. Together we’ll take on this life, come rain, come sun, come storms, we’d weather it all together.

I sure look forward to waking up to you. I look forward to forever with you! My King, my lover, my best friend, my naughtie-mate, you already are all this and more. #EnnmaePen #100Letters2MyFutureHusband

Ummmmm, come to think of it, I think I just might start a series on #dearfuturehusband here on Zegist…


:joy::joy::joy: Don’t just jot… Write your own too…

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@Judy remember the dessert??? This is it… The chest of hubby becomes our favorite table to serve ice-cream, fruits once in a while… :joy::joy::joy:

Chei!!! Mama Mia!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: No need for dinning table sef… Anybody who comes home first should just serve the food on their body… abi? :laughing:


Why your head? Future Bae might be here o


I like @judy 's list… It is almost synonymous with mine…

But let me add

  • The adjustable stripper pole or look alike that may most likely be in my dressing room for dramatic purposes , role playing and whatever comes after…

  • The spontaneous vacation…: Sleep in one country Wake up in another country kinda vibe

  • Random shopping for him so he can come back from work and play dress up for me.

  • Setting up romantic dates or dinner for no reason

  • Random romantic notes by his bedside so it can be the first thing he smiles at when he wakes …etc


And in his pockets too or wallet so when he wants to pick something he comes across it and smiles. Just a little reminder of how awesome he is and you know, the sex position we would be trying out that night as per bad geh that I am now :slight_smile::wink: I know we’re of kindred spirit and you feel me yea? @Drew