My HIV test Blues


While I’ve always been the type who always plays safe, but there were rare occasions where folks got carried away and safety was thrown to the wind.
Most times when I make up my mind to go for the test the fears comes in 3d.
Last week I happened to come across someone who told short stories about the matter and said it’s better to know ones status than let sh#*t get full blown .
I finally summoned courage went with a close friend of mine…
Samples where taken and I started sweating … even with the air conditioning in the waiting room I was soaked up.
After 40 minutes a lab attendant walked past me and the look he gave me was something else.

He went to the dude who was supposed to give me my results an was talking in low tones .
I died and resurrected , died and resurrected again.
I was just Starring at every one and bracing myself for whatever was about to happen.
After a while , the lab man summoned me and was quiet for like 100000000000000 seconds ( it might have been just 5 seconds but it felt like forever).
He then said " congratulations young man , you are negative, but try not to have a history that will get you worked up like this"…
People , I actually celebrated oo .

Note: HIV is not a death sentence, and avoid stigmatising people living with HIV. Abstaining is best form of staying safe but if you must play, get a rubber.
I’m not a health worker , wish I could write more .


Lmao :rofl::rofl: you should have checked your BP after :joy:

If only HIV can be contacted through sex only! A lot of virgins are living with the infection.


The average Nigerian doesn’t know this.


True brother, but I think sex should be the most common transmission mode.
I have no data or stats to back this up sha


lol… the way you wrote this is quite humorous though.

Thank God you are negative, else the news for give you high BP :joy::joy:

I was discussing with my sister few days ago and we were like it’s God that have been saving us, knowing that you can contact HIV even while braiding your hair or fixing hair with the same needle used for everyone.

I mean, you never know whose hair was braided before yours, and the hair stylist herself might be positive sef.

People are wicked in this life shaa… They will contact HIV and immediately, the thought of sharing it around to others like Keziah will be their priority. I weep for this generation.


:joy:. We are many o.


I’m a lady :joy::weary::weary:


Hey I’m sorry omalicha nwa :slight_smile:


Congratulations on your negative HIV test) I was less fortunate…I was approached and told that my test is positive after which I experienced the most difficult moments in life… After I went to the doctor again the doctor told me to take a new test elsewhere and it was negative! You would know my feelings on that moment! Well I can say that it is very important that the tests are always accurate and that h make people experience difficult moments. For those who are interested in HIV tests can recommend a site where well described about the HIV RNA test accuracy