My Husband Slept With My Friend


No money to take care of them ke? Did they got married yesterday? If they have 3kids, I’m guessing they’ve been married for like 4-5years! Haba!!! And her husband is very wealthy? The woman is not serious!!! So she doesn’t have any money saved to depend on her own? I no get advice for her again!


Like I’m shook fam. I was going to drop a piece of advice until I saw dt she doesn’t have money to take care of herself. She should remain in her house and be enjoying her husband’s money then. Married with 3kids and you don’t have money in your account? This is 2018 o


So here’s a little bio about the girl: Small Yoruba girl wey jam rich Igbo man. Her parents de Abeokuta and as them no get, meeting a rich man is her only way out of poverty even though he’s old.

Met him while she was still in school, sharp sharp they marry. Sharp sharp she carry belle. First child was still 9months and sucking breast, she carry another belle (she still de school).

Second child is 9months and still sucking, she carry belle for the third one (now she’s rounding up with school).

Gives birth to the third, she’s done with school. She currently serving.

She depends souly on the man. So she’s scared of leaving cos she doesn’t have neither does her parents have.


Your friend should apologize for not being woman enough :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Not all ladies are smart. Last time I told her to go start something, she looked at me with disgust and said “when I’ve not finished watching TV”.

Well, she’s still very small.


sarcasm at it’s peak. kontinu!




I think she should stay and just get used to it. She already has a stake in the marriage. She clearly doesn’t have any skill she can monetize and is also unwilling to learn. I’d advise her to learn a skill, get some money from the guy for capital and then move out on say 4 years if her business is profitable. But she should not expect the guy to ever be faithful. She’s doomed.


I support you on this one :joy::joy::joy:


she should just wait for him to die and her eye will open…
sense hard ooo


please i am having headache over this matter, when i am much better i can say something.


This one hook me for throat, hian!


This is not an excuse my sister! She don dey do wetin big people dey do. She dey collect prick so tey she born three. Which kain very small!!






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She better sit her ass in that house until she can get enough money to start something that will feed her and the kids! If she like make she open yansh born number four again :joy:

A lesson for people who marry old men because of money :rofl:


Abi number four, as I de look am she fit born again​:joy::joy:


The Lord is her strength and muscle! She should ride on.

  1. she better not get pregnant again.
    2)Start taking financial literacy classes online and take her life more seriously…maybe go back to school, learn a skill.
  2. Start a business or get a job( she needs to be financially independent of her husband)
  3. She has to do an education protection plan for the three children, it is one variable she can control and shouldn’t trivialize (it works like contributing a specified amount periodically for a specified number of years and upon loss of livelihood the insurance company will be responsible for paying for the child’s education using the pre agreed estimated cost of the children’s education)
  4. She needs to wake up and start learning about her husband’s business, get involved gradually, find out if her husband has a life insurance policy and who is his named beneficiary. A close family friend was saved by the insurance settlement made by the insurance company after her husband died. The point is she knew it existed, because her husband was open with his financials and she proved to be resourceful (she actually managed his finance, he gives her his salary).