My Husband Slept With My Friend


She should buckle up . But we hope we doesn’t come home with STD


Poison the Husband and forget about it.


and his ancestors will come and inherit his property…


And she’d be chased out finally


APOSTLE must see this.


goan tell joor


I can’t deal…


Please do you have a prophet you can take her to, they need to do deliverance using 21 mouthed koboko(soaked in hot water for 5days and kerosene for another 13 days) maybe that wee restore her factory setting :walking_man: :walking_man: … You can contact me if you don’t know one




From this I’d say why are you all wasting intelligence and juicy advice on someone that doesn’t care? :grimacing:


I won’t advice a divorce, but she should just try and move on focus mainly on been a better person and a good mother to her kids. She should communicate more with her God rather than a 3rd party.


Since you cannot kill a fly with a grenade so she just have to endure it like that since she has no means of survival if she leaves her home. If she thinks she’s capable of taking care of herself with the children, she should leave.