“For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.”

KLM 9.0 had entered day 2 and I wasn’t asleep yet. With the way day 1 ended there was so much to think about before going to sleep I think I slept like 12:30am. The last things I heard before going to bed were the jokes of landlord and his cohorts. Laughing before falling asleep is nice… (try it sometimes).

(Alot happened in day 2 so enjoy this summary)

Day 2 started with pastor Timi and pastor femi clapping and moving into every corner of the room … “wake up for morning devotion”. I woke up and in my mind I was like kileleyi now-what is this now- (pardon my yoruba but I’m a yoruba boy). Okay I sha stood up sha but honestly I could have still used like another 5 hours sleep. The morning devotion was a blessing and is still a blessing. After the morning devotion we went back to freshen up. That was when I discovered I didn’t take my toothbrush from my hostel normally I would be stunned but I was like it’s CAMP anything is bound to happen. I had previously spoken to Pastor Israel and sister Patricia about volunteering to be an usher at KLM. (So for most of you wondering I am that boy that wore a red shirt on Thursday and disturbed your sleep in the church ). I wasn’t prepared for the whole usher thing so I was nervous enough; my clothes were buffs buffs , in the endeavor to iron the red shirt I got electrocuted twice(I’m not sugar coating this story all of these things happened to me). Eventuarry I was set to go. I rushed and I collected perfume from JODEVO. Incase you caught a scent from me that day it wasn’t my perfume it was JODEVO’s.
Although my friend Daniel had other Ideas because he is a photo freak and I like to fancy myself a photographer (sanmarinez pictures). I had to take his pictures as we moved to the chapel and I remember Sister Funke laughing at us. Sigh Thursday was the longest day of KLM.

Okay we entered the chapel and I was as nervous and I was freezing from the inside out ~like a deer at headlights~ because of a lot of things actually first my dressing second my movement third it’s the first time doing this at FSF. But I’m happy God helped me for that activity. I met AY like officially she’s like a very strong girl nooooooo woman. I Know we were 4 ushers that day (note to self:you are not an usher yet you just got lucky to be an usher that day capish ).

That’s how we started the longest day of KLM …
You know I mentioned earlier that I was nervous… well it wasn’t for long because sister Patricia just came to whisper to me “just walk around and wake people that sleeping up”. Me I was very happy. Me that I did not get enough sleep nobody go sleep for here today I said in my mind.

Okay on a serious note this where KLM started getting to me after pastor Tunde Oyeniran’s message I knew this is a lifetime of work and not just something to joke about. I am blessed by his words and teaching that day.

Finally round one ended ooo time to go and eat that was when Brother Bolaji came oooo Gbenga go and meet the academic unit you are a representative of FOJ Year 3 in the quiz competition, I knew beforehand though. So they told us to go and read Galatians 1&2 honestly if not for KLM ehn I don’t think I will know those chapters in the Bible that well (Galatians 1 vs 20 is my new song now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
So guys seriously every part of KLM is essential no part is small or irrelevant even to part of the football game ( I will still get there)

Well at KLM I ate PEPPER CORN… yes pepper corn. Lemme cast Bummi … Bummi can eat ooo ha just know that he can eat

The Afternoon session started again but honestly that time I was already planning on how to sit down honestly USHERS are trying and that’s why I said before that AY is a very strong woman that girl can stand ooo. I eventually sat down oo but it was because Sister Patricia told me to Sha :hugs:. And brethren the career talk got me thinking gan but Glory be to God… Then the relationship talk came and honestly I enjoyed it and I learnt a lot of life lessons ( we live for tomorrow and not for today).

Evening session arrived … I wasn’t that nervous though I was like 98%nervous which wasn’t full nervousness… ( but bro I no go lie I was nervous). I had my quiz partner with me the girl which now I can’t remember her name (Gbenga kilon fi Ori e ro sigh!) . The first impression I made was my voice you know I have a deep voice so when I spoke it shook the whole congregation and there was so much outburst. I saw it coming though… last last we came joint third with year 1 while year 2 were second and ~year 4 came first~ ( they used pastors ).

It was a refreshing Thursday night from the special presentation from people in the congregation… ~there was this very IcOnic presentation by a lady that told us the congregation to say TION to whatever she said and oh boy was that performance not great.
The drama presentation was touching but we had to wait for the concluding part the next day (Nigerians and part 1&2 may God save us amen)
Then the power night came .It was truly the power night because 1 hour breezed by with power ni ooo

Happinesses in KLM is when you hear there is still food remaining after we are done if you are interested go to the kitchen and get yours.

The 2nd Day of KLM 9.0 was truly long but life changing most of all.
I could finally lay down on my bed and say Thank you Jesus :pray: and sleep. But you know my roommates I don’t know if those guys don’t get tired even after the whole day they were still cracking hilarious jokes and for the second night on a row I slept laughing.
PS:Freshfire was the most mentioned name in my room

Day 3 was imminent and the football match was coming …