My klm 9.0 experience


KLM - Kingdom Life Matters … Is an annual Camping program that is organised by Foursquare students fellowship University of Lagos. (Friends of Jesus)
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled”

KLM 9.0 the everlasting name was extremely good it was everything it was meant to be for me even more. Because It was my first KLM I had a lot of questions and you know I thank God for my friends .
God bless you all.


The first day was on Wednesday 3rd of July 2019.
I was at home days before then I had to move into the school on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning I was like today is the day I have been missing this thing for 2 years now. So there’s no way I’m missing it this time. I paid that morning. Some memories of the first day are kind of looking different in my head now but I promise to stay on track.

I sat down beside my friend Daniel and another boy which now I have forgotten his name but I can remember we later played on the same team (Grace FC) well that Grace FC story is juicy one don’t worry we will get there.
Then for a while sister Funke then later a girl which of course now I don’t know her name wait can I even remember her face nah.
Let’s continue; my friend Daniel told me about an activity they carry out whenever they are going to Ajebo CAMP . He said;“we usually count seven bridges before we get to Ajebo CAMP and for every bridge we passed we shout HALLELUJAH :raised_hands:” that makes seven hallelujah. But of course he told me later not immediately we left the chapel of Christ our light ( yes that was where we took off and the same place we alighted at school on our return). So we counted 6 bridges not seven. It was a fun moment in the bus I love traveling though sometimes I get car sick. And in the bus I got car sick for like 15 seconds. But at the end of the journey it was all Glory to God.

We got to the camp in the evening. We all went into our cabin. I think we were all at ALAKA’S CABIN. Mehn was the room not lovely and icing on the cake the people on my side of the room are born comedians I just couldn’t stop laughing with all their dry jokes and their really cool jokes too. They had a Landlord for their region I don’t understand how or why and there was this guy that keep getting electric shock by the standing fan there… Trust me this was a lie to me too till I witnessed it myself
By 6 pm we were off to the kitchen well one vivid thing throughout all these time was the constant jeering from onaopemipo and Daniel because its my first Time i was a lot of questions. Well it was funny though I asked ridiculous questions.
Sister Faith was the welfare secretary so she was in charge of the fried rice and chicken you know after eating that I knew the #1000 I paid has finished… All of you that participated in making KLM 9.0 a success may God bless you in Jesus name amen… Thank you very much
So after wards we moved to the church

The first service started 7pm it ended a little close to 11pm .
The moments of the service was The theme song (The everlasting name) gosh. That lady that sang the song has a very magnetic voice because it called everyone’s attention to the song. I later told her she has a magnetic voice but she didn’t understand what I meant.

Pastor Tunde Oyeniran’s message ~was~ nooooooo it is still powerful and always powerful. Meet the FSF UniLag publicity unit for the message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Then finally the first day ended
I was knocked up that day
And most of all I’m still blessed from that day