My Swifno Story –Episode 1


Hi there, and how was your weekend? Hope it was good. This week on ‘My Swifno Story’ we’ll share with you, our first courier delivery of last year(for the sake of exclusivity, our customers will go under the alias – Mr. A, Mrs. A or Miss A).

So it was a faithful a Wednesday early afternoon in the month of January last year, when we( got the submitted delivery request from the Swifno app by a young Mr. A. Mr. A had requested to send two smart phones from Abuja to his recipient in Delta State. This was our first courier delivery, from Abuja to Delta(Ogwashiukwu). In no time, our couriers swung into action and started bidding for Mr. A’s delivery request. When one of our couriers got the bid to deliver Mr. A’s smarts phones, the courier went for a pick-up at Mr. A’s pick-up address (which was his house), after which Mr. A’s smart phones were put in a delivery van heading to Anambra State. Remember, Mr. A’s drop off address was Ogwashiukwu Delta State, and it was a next-day delivery.

Very early the next day, our couriers set out en-route to Anambra State. Upon reaching Asaba, our collaborating couriers in Asaba were contacted and were given briefings about Mr. A’s smart phones going to Ogwashiukwu. Shortly our couriers met with our collaborating couriers in Asaba, in the person of a dispatch rider, and then a trans-loading commenced, which involved transferring Mr. A’s smart phones into the dispatch rider’s delivery box. Now this was around 2pm in the afternoon of the delivery day.

The dispatch rider zoomed towards Ogwashiukwu, and we( made sure the communication line between us and the dispatch rider as well as the communication line between us and Mr. A, stayed open and active. Around 4pm and as Mr. A was getting agitated, the dispatch rider had gotten to Ogwashiukwu and was looking for Mr. A’s drop off address. By 04:43pm, the dispatch rider found Mr. A’s drop off address and handed the smart phones to Mr. A’s dad. Mr. A later told us that, that day was his dad’s birthday and that the smart phones were for his dad and mum.

We( took a daunting approach in Mr. A’s case, as we hadn’t done any courier delivery from Abuja to Delta State, let alone, Ogwashiukwu. But we faced the challenge head-on and though we reached Mr. A’s drop off address in the evening, we made sure we delivered a next-day delivery. We at Swifno( always bear in mind; passion and diligence in our goal to provide ‘choice’ and ‘convenience’ for you, our amiable customer. So that at the end of it all, when it comes to courier services, Swifno easily comes to mind.