My Swifno Story – Episode 4


Hi there and happy new week to you, we’ll be sharing yet another story of one of our amiable customers, this week. For the sake of privacy, she’ll go under the alias, Miss. B. Miss. B. is optician who has an online store where she sells all sorts of eye glasses, lenses and frames, respectively. A friend of hers told her about the Swifno mobile app, she downloaded it and registered her account on the app.

One Wednesday, during one of our midday delivery traffic periods, Miss. B. placed four delivery requests consecutively and chose all the bids of one our designated couriers in particular. It so happened that they didn’t have enough delivery men on ground and Miss. B. requested a ‘same-day’ delivery of; four glass frames, to four of her customers within Lagos. Two of her customers resided in Victoria Island, the third was in Ojo, while the fourth lived in Ikeja. We( had to act fast as Miss. B’s preferred courier didn’t have delivery men on ground to carry out two of her deliveries. To this regard, we called her and ask that we transfer the two deliveries to any of our other designated couriers that had men on ground at that time. Of course we told her that we were going to be responsible for any extra cost, as courier bids on our Swifno mobile app, more often than not, don’t have the same cost of delivery(some cost relatively less than others). Miss. B. agreed and requested in agitation that we be fast and that her customers were waiting for their delivery packages.

We( immediately transferred two of her deliveries to another designated courier of ours that had delivery men on ground, and they hurried went to Miss. B’s pick-up location at Yaba. As at this time, the first two packages were already en-route to their drop-off locations; Ojo and Ikeja respectively. So, on leaving Yaba, Miss. B’s last two delivery packages were on their way to Victoria Island. By the time Miss. B. gave us a second call to check on her delivery status, our designated couriers were already close to her drop-off address and some minutes later three of her customers called to tell her that they’ve received their packages. Her customer for the last package that had Ojo as the drop-off location, called Miss. B. to say she had received her package, less than 40minutes later.

At this juncture, I must say, we( owe this success story to our teamwork, resilience and our ever passionate couriers. For it was the only way we could complete a delivery process that was initiated at noon, by past 4pm.