My Swifno Story - Introduction


Hi there, and a happy new year to you. 2018 has come and gone, and thanks to you, it was an awesome year filled with love from you our amiable customers, to us at Swifno. We recorded a lot of successful courier deliveries, and it’s all thanks you! This year on our blog, we’ll be given accounts or if you like, stories of our successful deliveries and we’ve tagged this – ‘My Swifno Story’.

We at Swifno(, have come up with – ‘My Swifno Story’, in order to share with our amiable customers and potential customers, some accounts of our courier deliveries, all of which were successful. ‘My Swifno Story’ promises to also have a balanced account of the courier deliveries that we carried out, such that you our amiable customer will get know some of the challenges we faced and conquered, and have now become invincible to.

Swifno( is a mobile app that creates an enabling platform for you our customers and potential customers to send and receive courier packages, from loved ones, business associates or institutions/establishments, within Nigeria. With the Swifno app you can send and receive courier deliveries, from the comfort of your home, with the ability to choose from our array of couriers who bid for every delivery request you submit, on the app. As such we provide you with choice and convenience, as an amiable Swifno( customer.

This is why we have decided to give you a front row seat, in a series of our 2018 success story, and also make you rest assured that we’ve got your courier deliveries covered. We are 2019 ready!