Name One Wish Below N3K For Zegist Secret Santa To Grant


It’s my foremost wish o bro, who knows? My helper can be here. My year is made if that can be granted. I also gave an alternative wish too sir just in case. :blush::blush:


Lol! Apparently. Secret Santa has taken note.


I believe so.


I have been gifted mine too. Thanks to @atynukeh God bless you…


Arrrrrghhh! My helper o! Father bring my secret santa to me IJN


It’s jxt a grey ankle length all star converse o! Size 43 pere;!


Please guys, if you’re yet to be visited by your fellow Santa friends, be patient it will come…

But then, i hope you have given them the necessary details (location, phone number and account number)… Please do that if you haven’t…

Merry Christmas In Adv. The wishes and post are not over yet…You can still invite your friends to join in and grant wishes too…

Remember to share on social media too!




Come join me sing Halelluyah :notes:

Got 4K airtime from @Drew. God bless you dear.

Spread the love guys. Happy Holidays.


Gifts are not what they are but they are gifts
They are a show of care, a seed of concern, a tree of love and an ocean of love…

Thank you @habeebsanni :sob::sob::sob: God bless you…
happy holidays…


Bro, you no get another one? :joy: Maybe your santa no see am buy for market…


Please, have you seen the mail? I just sent it


pepper red shoe ooooooo


I got a mail. It should be yours.


I have a pink blazer, size 38, it’s not my size…who would like this for Christmas? I would really love a Bluetooth speaker and a headset for Christmas…


seen. I sent a reply, you should check.


What’s the title of the book, you’d like to have for Christmas


All I wish for is a wig to make my life easier…I’m tired of sneaking time out of work to make my hair…Santa epp meeeeeee :weary::weary::weary::weary::weary::weary:…the 3k cash too won’t be bad :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face:…gowon estate, iyana-ipaja


Lol! O secret Santa, the money would not be bad if you did not see it in the market.


Yaaay see what I’ve been missing. Abeg who’s in Benin oooooo. What you gonna get me na?