Name One Wish Below N3K For Zegist Secret Santa To Grant


I really don’t know what wish…but I’d love to be surprised.
I’ll still make out time to grant some wishes.


Everyone pls help me thank @fola
I made a wish for one tie and she got me two.

Can’t wait to wear them on my first day and post the picture here.

Zegist rocks !!!

Happy Sunday y’all

Merry Christmas in Advance


Thank alot for the intention to grant my wish.


Thanks for thinking about granting my wish Judy


If somebody have not granted this already.

DM moi


Someone has, thank you. But you can still add to it :kissing_heart: Should I still DM you?


I will like to grant someone that their wish hasn’t been granted yet.


Lol!; my wish hasn’t been granted o. My dear Santa


Thank you too!! May God bless you


You are very much welcome. May God bless you too




Mine is yet to be granted.


@Uzodigwe_Onyii where are you o!!!. I’m at Surulere with your package. DM me Asap


kindly dm me your details


granted. kindly dm me your details


Pls dm your number let me give you a call


Hello, hvnt heard from you


Awww mine hasn’t been granted


Thanks…I’m so excited; just got my Xmas wish fulfilled, can’t wait to be hair-stress free :dancer:t4::dancer:t4::dancer:t4:


Until I saw the 3k injunction, I was about to type “I need a wife”

I still wouldn’t mind though