Name One Wish Below N3K For Zegist Secret Santa To Grant


You guys are just the real defintion of awesome! God bless you guys so much…

This one task that we at Zegist really pulled well and it came through… Thanks to everyone who has given and received a gift…

There is still 6 days before this ends so if you know someone that is yet to get a Christmas gift or wants a Christmas gift or has something to give, please share the post to them…

If you still have something to give out, please indicate, someone might need it… :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks love :slight_smile::slight_smile:@Otseluv




Lool. Coming through


:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: Why am i never online for these recharge cards na? I need too o since its open…

@abnetz sheybi you cannot call me privately :smirk:


I’m so sorry. As per team leader is concerned, please DM your digits.

Will treat as urgent.


This is corruption :confused: @pretyprexy


You wee not attend to 9mobilers :grin:


Hahaha! Well…


Etisalat - 683697284224366


bless me with mtn


Bless up bro, I got that @abnetz :+1:






:expressionless::expressionless: @Tuhmehskeh

@abnetz has the promo ended for this fastest finger? Abi we should kukuma do watch night?


Yeh! Were was I? :ok_woman:


Busy day. :smile:


Just received an alert to get TWP2 ticket…this weekend is gonna be lit!!! Thank you @Aje


Thank you @Otseluv and @abnetz for the recharge cards. Y’all made my week!!
Wow I’m super duper excited. This is one of the best Christmas ever. Too much love here.
Thanks guys. Blessings upon blessings :pray:t5:


I want sneakers