Name One Wish Below N3K For Zegist Secret Santa To Grant


Secret Santa, I need tirol backpack I will be glad if my request is granted.


Secret santa I want a pair of jeans size 30
Thanks in advance to the person that will grant my wish


Lemme spoil the movie for you :laughing:


Morning W. O just grant the wish rather than spoiling it. I don’t have a pair of Jean and I have a Jeans outing😫


I just got the package… See me shinning my teeth under my face cap.
Thanks dear.


Lol…it’s my pleasure. Glad you like your gift. Merry Christmas!


My wish has been granted! Thanks @Bobo. You made my year Sir!


clears throat I think I have a request for Santa. Dear Santa pls gift me with a book of recipes(pls it should be diversed I.e consisting of Naija, African, continental dishes).
Thank you.


Hey Santa, please grant my wish


What’s your wish? Let me help you talk to zanta Klaus


Please I want either a school bag for my laptop (one with two straps) or a sneakers. Anyone of them.


Thanks to Zegist. It’s been quite an evening.



This warms my heart!


Just stay in your lane o


Santa where are you ke… A wrist watch would do too sha…


Many thanks bruv


Do you like pdfs? I have about 57 I can Send to you. Both local and international cuisines.


Abeg I want too o> Let me come and confuse my sister that thinks because i don’t cook, i don’t know how to cook!!


Please I want too! :pray:


Send me your mail address sir