Name One Wish Below N3K For Zegist Secret Santa To Grant


I got to watch my Fela and The Kalakuta Queens today and it was a really lovely play.

The play was centered around the lives of Fela’s wives and boy those women were LOYAL to him. We didn’t really hear much about them while growing up but they went through challenges too. They hated it when people referred to them as prostitutes.

Through all that Fela went through with the Government, they remained by his side.

Picture with Fela :grin:

Special thanks to my Zegist Santa, @evansakanno!


Please i would like this too
Email is




You haven’t replied my message yet!


Found a really good big bookshop, I was able to finally buy the books… Can you come to V. I tomorrow or wait for me to deliver it over the weekend.


I want these :cry:


You’re providing?


E be like say Santa wants to pass you o
DM me your details lemme Goan call him back.


Oh, how sweet.

I’m doing that right away :grinning::grinning::slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.


That’s so not in Lagos as we speak.would be coming back on the 10th day of January


What’s gonna happen now?


Joy overflow in my heart rai now!

Oh, thanks a lot @Bobo. I appreciate. God bless you.


Good evening Santa my wish is yet to be granted and the year is almost over.
Please I need a tirol laptop bag


@Judy thank you for the sandal!


Happy New Year, every one.

Today is my first day.
And I am wearing the cute tie @fola got me in response to my Santa wish.


:ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:Happy new dear, may you be favored at your new place of work.


This is heart warming.


Amen! Thanks.


Santa plssss comebackkkkkkk!!! I promise to be good this year!


Lol, I don’t believe in Santa anymore. The only gift I got from him was the Harmattan cold