Native names are so unique and beautiful. What's yours? And the meaning


Native names are so unique and beautiful. What’s yours? And the meaning…

Mine is Chukwuemeka - God has so done well


MORENIKE … “I have found someone to care for”


I have two native names:

Ogechukwu - God’s time

Abimbola - Born with wealth


Oluwatumininu: God has consoled me


You guys have Such beautiful deep Names :heart:

Kubasu - As Bright as the sun
Inyanya - Tomato

What would you like to know about Kenya?

Chiebuka - God is great.


I have 4, dropping 2.

Oluwagbemiga - God has lifted me

Olaitan - Wealth is inexhaustible


UduakObong _ God’s will
Chika - God is the greatest


Onyedikachi- Who is like God?
Amarachi- The Grace of God


It would also be cool If guys shared the reasons behind their names … Like what event inspired the name you were given … ( If they don’t mind)

I’ll go first

My mum had a very difficult labour it was a Saturday … By evening my mum had still not delivered and my dad had to go pick up my sister from a birthday party…

My mom went unconscious she needed an operation but the hospital needed consent … ( it was before the time of cell phones ) so my dad was unreachable … The aunties who were there at the hospital belonged to some certain church that did not believe in Western medicine … So they refused to sign the consent form …

It was hours of endless bleeding , my mum going in and out consciousness …

And the funny thing is my mum could hear bits and pieces of the conversation with the aunties saying they don’t care if my mum dies … and if I die too then too bad … It was God’s plan…

Finally one doctor decided to risk and go ahead with the procedure …

And that is how the nurses gave me my English name Mercy because they said “ This child was merciful to her mother and spared her life .she should be called Mercy “


Onoruoiza: A blessed man
Oluwashola: God gives wealth

The first is Ebira


Aanuoluwapo -Gods mercy is much/plenty/too much
Adeola - Crown Wealth


Oluwasoromidayo - Oludayo
Ayomidimeji - Ayodeji


Exkiss me bros, they said your native name and the meaning, not the long and short one.


God turned my issues to joy :smiley:

Now, I have double Joy


Wow…real mercy…
Also that name as bright as the sun just BMH…what an awesome name


Like I said, mine is Chukwuemeka meaning God has so done well…
In Ibo land, the birth of a boy brings joy as its assumed that there’s an heir, so I was the second and second son, so we don’t just have 1 boi but 2 now…so the name…


And they haven’t bought my amala


Mrs Savage… Well done ma