Native names are so unique and beautiful. What's yours? And the meaning

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Ebi… meaning “Good”

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It’s like you want me to send thunder to fire you abi?

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You’re even using fork to eat it, what happened to your hand?

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Beinmonyu – “Fufilled”

Wow! What did your mum do to those aunties after?

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Chinemerem - “Baba G, my come through guy”

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Like what did she reli do to them

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Ifeoluwa- The Love of God


Nothing … She left it to God … and till today she has refused to tell me who they were specifically … Maybe cz I’m not as graceful as she is …::


I’ve got two main native names and I’d explain the reason for each names.

  1. Uzoamaka- the good way / the fine way. Or the good door / the fine door. In Igbo land Uzo mean both door and road, so either of the two goes. My parents jointly gave me that name because my birth was easy, before my birth they had a bit of misunderstanding but my birth brought them closer, they had in abundance and didn’t need to break the bank,I didn’t disturb to the extent that mum had to always go to the hospital when she didn’t feel my kicks to know if I was still alive. Coming out she didn’t have a tear and all those delivery stories and it was a huge deal being the first offspring despite all the stories those who had been in labor told them.

  2. Adanna- in Igbo land the first daughter of the family is ALWAYS referred to as ADA then it’s left for the parents to add a suffice to it or to leave it bare. So, Adanna mean first daughter of the father (nna-father).
    These are the two commonly used names by my folks, as when a child is born not only the parents names the child, this is common.


Anikphe- Whatever will be, will be. Yours success, joy, happiness is dependent on you, though people will cast stones at you, will be mean, will say hurtful things, BUT NEVER care about what they do or say, just do YOU.

When mumsi got married, she had no issue for over six years and lots of people said lots of things, and gave diabolical advice, but she held on believing God, never giving up.
Then i came and she just couldn’t contain her joy and hence the name.


uwana _ Bright