New Male Barbie Has Been Discovered On Instagram


Looks like a new Bobrisky has surfaced, another male barbie has been discovered on instagram.

@Pwjosh seems to be following Bobrisky’s path. the new male barbies wears heavy makeup you can hardly tell his gender.

See pictures below

You’ll almost conclude this is a girl right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


wow! I am loving the new Nigeria.


Wawu! She’s a male o!


We’re getting there.


She really is male. S-he pouts perfectly too :roll_eyes:


Lol! I swear down. And the cheekbone


What a shemale…cute sha, checking him out on Instagram


Abeg which hostel is he staying na or he has a private hostel in the camp


clears throat


Be clearing throat there, I have stalked him on Instagram… He is from Bayelsa sef


:rofl: fellow stalker, the guy graduated from Igbinedion University


i am thinking aloud o, shebi the national assembly prohibits gay people, abi is it not fourteen years again, abi i am not understanding this one.@ pretyprexy help!!


Yes o and he has two sisters and he dresses like that when he is around his mom… He is a model and does make up that’s all…doubt if he is gay


:joy:wawu! Already?


And so you know he’s got 2 sisters. Hmmmm!:smirk:


Lol leave me na