Nigeria-Korea Joint Trade Mission


Nigeria-Korea Joint Trade Mission to Seoul, Korea is an annual bilateral, business and economic platform to enhance joint trade, innovative investment and economic opportunities among both nations involved.

Nigeria-Korea Joint Trade Mission to South Korea… Promoting Joint Trade and Digital Economy

It is about business, Investment, Trade, and Economic Exchange, to strengthen bilateral relationship promoting joint trade and business, enhancing stronger international bilateral relationship.

Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) is to embark on a trade mission to Korea. Nigeria-Korea Joint Trade Mission (the Business Investment, Trade, and Economic Exchange) will be held in Seoul, South Korea.

Each country’s program will promote a lot of local and international businesses, factories, investments, companies, industries, locally made goods, products and services, visitors, traders, and investors from the countries selected.

Nigeria-Korea Joint Trade Mission is a yearly trade, goods, services, and consumer exhibition, conference, and networking program dedicated to offering the best business, Investment, trade Opportunities that builds wealth, support international networking, business development, and economic exchange.

This project is produced by Globe Economic Development Council (GEDC) and Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), World Trade Summit and Expo Organisation and Globe Trade Mission.

This project is a joint initiative and partnership with Transnational Trade and Commerce Center, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, World Trade Summit & Expo Organization, Nigerian Embassy Korea, Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, States and Federal Government of Nigeria.

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