Nigerian Couple Got Married in Church Without A Fancy Ceremony


Would you rather have money or be poor and have a good family?

It’s a known thing that wedding are generally luxurious/glamorous events.That’s what we have it as i suppose. Recently, a New Nigerian couple has made the headlines. This couple tied the knot in church, in the presence of God, church members and friends.

The wedding which was held without any ceremonial costume or food was held in a simple and ordinary manner. The guests were fed kunu and doughnut but reports state the atmosphere was joyful

A wedding guest who shared the details on social media said: “And yesterday I had an awesome experience at Church, a couple got married during church service. No wedding gown, no Cake, rice, wine, chicken, soft drinks or chinchin… We drank Kunu zaki, ate doughnut and licked sweets. Yet the atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness, we praised God and danced With all excitement. The bride was even more excited than the groom and I saw her as the strongest among the two.”

What do you think?


Hmmmm… Truth is, if you have the support of your woman in anything you decide to do, there are slim chances of failing at it…

The best part is they are married and hopefully happy… Its not the wedding ceremony that should bring true happiness, but having a happy home with someone who is willing to be there for you that counts.


How many woman go follow you do this one


Hmmmm I don’t even knw what to say.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Talk na…


If I see a guy who loves me and I do love him abeg let’s marry na better days ahead. Atleast, he will pay bride price, we do indoors traditional wedding. Let’s marry and be happy na.


Like I’m jxt speechless.:rofl:


Left to me, Introduction, pastor come inside our house to come and pray for us and Court!

But that’s me, unfortunately I am not marrying myself.


Being single is better than doing this kind of wedding oo