Nigerian Lady Seeks For Someone To Kidnap Her On Her Wedding Day


Screenshots of a chat between a lady in Kaduna who was about to get married and another guy went viral on social media recently. From the chats, its clear that she is about to get married against her wish and prefers to be kidnapped instead to avoid it…

After reading this, i have been wondering if this was possibly the best move for her to make? Would it not have been better if she just communicated that she wouldn’t want to get married?

Read screenshots of the chat below:


wow!!! coming back for this.




She might have tried to air her opinion, Maybe she’s being forced into the marriage who knows. Maybe this is the only thing she could think of resorting to.


well this is weird. I don’t why she can’t just call off the wedding.


hmmmm… this one hard ooo
i just wonder what she might have gone thru /be going thru before she decides to post this.
Some one, i mean any one should please help her ooo!!!


you know, some things are easier said than done, there are some families that do not care how you feel, you will marry him is you will marry him, your opinion is useless. This is her own way of getting out, somebody should better go and kidnap her o.


hahahaha… Abi o! Some parents do not even care how you feel at all.