Nigerians react to online prophet, @tolusaba accurate prediction of Super Eagles Victory


The young Nigerian with Twitter handle - @Tolusaba has become the latest sensation after sharing his dream about Nigeria’s victory, hours before it happened. And it came to pass.

Is it time travel

The Tech enthusiast, who has seen his follower base rise from 7k to over 15k in less than 24 hour and his viral correct prediction retweeted over 22k times, has also been featured in BBC after the eagles victory yesterday. See link here ;

Trust Nigerians to have a filled day with numerous request.


My country people no dey disappoint :joy::rofl: see replies


Aswear. I even asked him to please reveal the faces of my future hubby and kids. :joy::joy:


The guy is even overwhelmed right now … People want him to just say stuffs.

I am quiet sure it was a one off.

But he shared a PayPal account link … For those who need his service … $30 Dollars.:joy:


Lmao :joy::joy::joy: u can’t be a Nigerian and not be smart :rofl::rofl: some people will actually pay for his service :woman_facepalming:t4:


This euphoria expressed by a lot of Nigerians over the razzmattaz of one man’s dream is saddening yet bemusing. It shows how spiritually drained Our nation is; a dream like such is no big deal until it becomes a regular affair because I’ve once seen Arsenal win 2-0 in my sleep, the match started hours later and to my amazement it ended 2 nil. If the online prophet is indeed a prophet,he should predict Nigeria vs Argentina scoreline.


Lol kamdan.
He didn’t call himself a prophet.
Nigerians tagged him that.

And you know we joke a lot in this country, which is why some people started asking him weird and crazy questions…to which he replied sarcastically as well.
While others are kidding, there might be those who are very serious and actually want an answer to their questions, believing he is indeed a ‘prophet’. Some went to the extent of sending him a DM.
Lol, I hope they develop sense eventually.


He already informed his new followers to expect a post on the match on Tuesday should be dream again. Fingers crossed


It’s not that serious, brother :joy::joy:.

Nigerians were actually the ones hailing him, so onku has probably decided to make it a business :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Prophesy or not, Nigeria should better win Argentina. It’s either Nigeria qualifies, or Nigeria qualifies! The Super Eagles have no choice. They must manifest excellence on that pitch tomorrow.


:joy::joy::joy: Yelz, even though a draw with Argentina could see them through to the last 16, it ain’t a bad thing if they destroy the age long silly ego of the Argentines(that they’d easily and always beat Nigeria) by winning the match gaining 6 points and not depend on Iceland losing to Croatia that has planned to rest most of their good players. That would give “weak” Iceland the capacity to win Croatia :croatia:.


God will help us. Super Eagles shouldn’t aim for a draw. It’s either we win Argentina, or we win them. Messi should go home and rest.


Unfortunately, they’re on their way home now😭
Stupid referee was partial.
Eagles lost many chances at scoring as well.