Numerology (Coincidence Theory)


I don’t know if it’s a proper place to post this, but, I have a question. Is Numerology a factor of the Universe itself, a pure coincidence? Or is it the language of a secret society?


Yeah, it’s a proper place to post this.
That’s true. The best way to really connect the dots is to decode the entire dictonary and then make some sort of “rule book” of what is a connection between words and what is not. I think numbers play a factor in everything but I’m not positive on the “tek” of breaking down the letters the way they do. Language and number were probably ‘defined’ at around the same time though so it wouldn’t surprise me if they were interlaced somehow, I’m just stuck not knowing whats legit.


Yes, I fully agree with the author, as our universe is based on numerology. First of all, this is due to the fact that the universe consists of elements of the divine world - the soul (Love) is primary, the spirit (Information) is secondary, the body (Energy) is tertiary. Thus, through the soul, spirit, and body, everything is created, moved, functioning, and reproduced. This is stated in a reliable Source, where I also learned that because of the lack or absence of love, the world dies. Everything happens in the same sequence, because of the lack of love in the soul, our abilities suffer, that is, the information given to us by God in the form of some signs is not assimilated by our consciousness…