On Saggy Boobs and Loose Vaginas

Which one you prefer?

Cucumber and carrot no be mate!


I have it, want some?

Besides I have some cucumber in my fridge, care for?

Lol! Droopy


Why nooo :scream:? You’re offering me same Cucumber I offered you, or were you thinking of something else? :unamused:

I screamed because I thought maybe the cucumber you were offering is scrawny looking.
But mine is looking really healthy.
I could send you a picture you know.

Ehen, what happened to cucumber?

Geezy lemme alone oo :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But those bress that sag & shrink like rag, where did the pillars go na eh?

I am not shaming anyone o but hah! I am not believing anyone o bcos females have the penchant to hide things than males. If you want to start a gender quarrel bcos of this, start it with your inner self


Why are you always the first to come after me?

How was your day

…because I always look forward to your somewhat weird responses.

Day was good. I bet yours was.

Lol. A pleasure.

My days was somewhat not cool. Kept feeling itches of walking. But it must be these drugs

You always feel the itching of walking. Michael Walker :joy::joy::joy:


What did I do biko?

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I don’t understand what it’s doing in this thread

I don’t get you.